Augmented Reality

We develop AR applications by layering digital content on top of the physical world.

This can be in the form of 3d models, graphics, GPS data, audio & video.

Mobile Applications

We create mobile applications with cutting-edge functionality, appearance and design in order to build our customers brands.

Architectural Visualisations

Real-time Augmented Reality (AR) visualisation of architectural models. We visualise 3D models with multiple layers of interactivity.

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Architectural Visualisations Demo

Interactive Print

We bring print to life by using image recognition, the user scans a printed image which triggers a rich media experience, layered over the printed image.

Geo-Location A.R

We create applications that use your device GPS to display points of interest. A user simply holds up their device & the app will display the various points of interest.

Game Development

We develop engaging games using innovative technologies for work or play to drive learning, communication and ultimately, to entertain.

Virtual Reality

Using stereoscopic technology, we are able to create virtual reality mobile applications that offer a 360-degree virtual environment using AR technology.